Design Process Overview

The Design Process: Overview

Our custom website design, logo and graphic designs typically take 1-4 weeks, depending on the package that you order and our ability to communicate effectively.

After you place your order with us, we will walk you through our design process step-by-step and ensure that we create a design that you will be happy to call your own. We will work closely with you to ensure that we are designing your site according to your specifications.
Please note: Our primary method of contact with clients is via email. If you are uncomfortable using this method of contact, please inform us of this prior to placing your order. We will try to accommodate you as best as possible, but keep in mind that it may not be possible for us to accommodate you.

Getting Started

In order to complete your project in a reasonable amount of time, please consider the following questions at the time that you place your order:

Design Concept – It is a great idea to have a clear design concept in mind when placing your custom order. Would you like a boutique-style design with a whimsical feel, or would you like to project a corporate image? We are capable of designing in a range of styles, and will make certain to design according to your needs and specifications. Having a basic idea of what you like will go a long way in helping us to refine your vision and complete your site quickly.

Website Outline – Creating your website is a very important project, and should be approached in the same manner that you would approach any important project. Try to conceptualize an outline for your project, keeping in mind the main pages of your site (e.g. Home, Contact Us, About Us, etc.) as well as forms that you will need for your site.

Functionality – A very important point to consider prior to placing your order is what type of website functionality you need. Do you need a website to sell you products, or do you need one to simply inform your prospective clients about your business? Do you need a shopping cart? Do you need a blog or newsletter to update clients on your business activities? Just having a basic idea of your needs will help us to help you quickly and efficiently.

The Design Process: Step-by-Step

1.  Initial Contact
Please take a look at our Portfolio, keeping in mind that we can design in any style to suit your needs. Once you have decided that you would like to work with us, please contact us at or via our Custom Quote Form with your information. Please be as thorough as possible when describing the site or design that you require. This will help us to provide you with an accurate quote.

We will put you on our Waiting List after initial contact has been made. Our projects are completed on a “First Come, First Serve” basis. Obtaining a spot on our Waiting List is important to completing your project in a timely fashion.

2.  Placing your order/Signing your Contract
Once we are ready to start your project, the next step in the Design process is to agree to our terms and sign a contract outlining your project details.

3.  Deposit and Payment Setup
After your contract has been received, you will be required to place a deposit that is equal to 1/3 of the cost of your project, prior to starting your project.

4.  Brainstorming
After your deposit has been received we will contact you with a questionnaire that will help us to obtain your project specifics. We will ask you to fill out the questionnaire, and then either forward the completed questionnaire to us via telephone or fax OR you may make an appointment with us to go over your details with us over the phone. Please note: We do not provide telephone consultations over the telephone until you have actually placed an order with us.
Once we have discussed the details of your design concept, we will:

• Brainstorm and present you with one or more concepts for your design. If the designs do not meet your needs, we will ask you to provide us with additional information and then present you with up 3 additional concepts at no additional charge.
• Help you to determine the best platform for your site. For example, if you require a shopping cart, we will help you to select the best shopping cart for your needs.

5.  Second Payment
After your design concepts have been forwarded to you, a second payment equal to 1/3 of your project total is required to move on to the next phase of your project.

6.  Revisions
Once the design concept has been finalized, we will work on refining the design with you, and customizing it to suit your needs.

7.  Final Payment
The remainder of your balance is due after we have finished your design work, and BEFORE the finalized files are handed over to you. Final payment is due one week after our design work is completed.

8.  Project Launch!
Your project is now complete, and is ready to “GO LIVE”! If your project is a website, we will hand over all files and upload your site and give you access to your administration areas. Now, you can show your site to the world!

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